Disposable Three-row-staple PPH Stapler

Applicable Operation:

Be applicable for rectal mucosa prolapse in an anal tube or hemorrhoid mucosa tissue suturing repair.

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→ Exceptional hemostatic effect;
→ The special design of the outer ring prevents anastomotic tissue from excessive squeezing;
→ 48three-row titanium screws around can effectively close the tissue;
→ A greater lumen of the staple cartridge can hold more diseased tissue;
→ Stainless steel anvil and stainless-steel guide shaft to make the closing and firing more stable;
→ Two symmetrical sutures help the tissue enter the equipment;
→ The sharp circular knife can effectively cut;
→ 0.75mm suture clearance compresses the mucosa for the best hemostatic effect;
→ Fool-firing position;
→ Improved B-type staple makes the anastomotic a higher tensile strength.

Codes & Specifications:

Package Information:

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